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- speeches

- script writing

- compering

- commentating

- event hosting

- live & studio

- scripted, improvised, & autocue

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Like modelling, presenting's always been a great pleasure. My background in comedy lends itself to a lighthearted presenting style, whilst my qualifications at Durham University practised a penchant for research which I deploy to ensure I know what I'm talking about. 

I finished school having given a speech to over 1,000 people as head boy. I then went to uni and presented two radio shows, hosted national comedy events as The Durham Revue, and even applied for an anchor position at ITV. 

Now, I'm lucky enough to work with Verbal F1, travelling the world, hosting racing events at the pinnacle of motorsport, combining both the skill of presenting and a childhood obsession with racing. The job supports my acting career no end and has trained me with a motorsport and automotive knowledge very transferable to other presenting work. Here's to more fun in the decade to come. 

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