Hoi! I'm Luke. You probably haven’t heard of me- that’s OKAY! It’s because I’m new. As an actor and presenter that is. I’m relatively new as a human too but as a professional, I’m in the building phase. That isn’t to say I haven’t been a busy boy up until now!


With national sketch comedy tours, near-monthly international bookings in Formula One, and a feature film under my belt, each day I’m enjoying a professional progress I’ve no plan of stopping. Want to see what that looks like?! Prod the Cheshire grin to your right and have a snaffle at my reel. She's a work in progress but then again, aren't we all. 

Stay classy now,



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Luke Maskell

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My agent, Tabitha Watson

Network Artist Management

Amadeus House

Covent Garden

27B Floral Street



07595 711159

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